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Sibone Heary

'Artists can illuminate the stories of women.'

Sibone Heary is an Australian artist who draws inspiration from reality, finding the quiet, in-between, still, private moments when the inner self is given space.

Where is your current studio? What would be your dream studio?

I work from home. I’ve commandeered the dining room. It works for now. I’d love to have a separate light filled studio at the back of the house.

Do you prefer to work in silence or does certain music inspire you?

It depends. Sometimes I paint in silence, sometimes with music, and sometimes with a cacophony of children’s voices in the background.

Studio life can lead to isolation, how do you address this/ keep a balance?

As my studio is at home, I’m rarely alone, but I do miss being around my peers. I meet up with a small group of artist friends regularly, which helps a lot. We’re currently working towards a group show.

'Things for Baby'

What is your favourite/ least favourite part of the creative process?

My favourite part of the creative process is at the very beginning, when I’m working out how to visualise my ideas. My least favourite part is usually smack bang in the middle of the painting process.

'Hysterical Woman'

Detail a moment which was the highlight for you, thus far.

Receiving a Highly Commended in the Darling Portrait Prize. It was such a fantastic night, not only the award, but also just being at the gorgeous National Portrait Gallery and meeting all the wonderful artists and judges.

What do you hope to convey through your work?

My practice focuses on the female experience – the way we feel and express ourselves behind the mask of social performance. But in the end, what the viewer sees in my work is so individual to their own personal experience.

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